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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Truth in Joking I am in a blogging mood today!
I remember one time I had sort of a blind date/hook-up kind of a situation, and I started talking to this dude on the phone. He seemed pretty cool but you never know how people are; so at his initial attempt to see me I declined his offer...I needed more time to get to know him.

But he was persistent in the pursuit of me...So I was like, "well damn, I might have to do a little meet and greet."

We became closer in the coming weeks and I decided to hook it up. I set the date, location, time, and all. He was stoked about it and came as quickly as he could.

Lord, that will be the last time I will ever in my life do something like...I mean it!

When I saw him, I was shocked!!!

Now, I am not a shallow person, but he was not doing it for me. He had like a lump on his head and he just wasn't...No. (strike one)
So, I just decided to at least spend some time with him; I mean, he did drive to see me and all. He told me that he was kind of in a relationship but they were not talking. (strike two)

Then, my mind wandered back to one of our telephone convo's...

"So how do you look?" he asked.
"I'm cute if that is what you are asking. How do you look?" I replied
"I'm ugly," he said jokingly.

(strike three) {That was on me...}

We said our goodbyes and he wanted a kiss. I told him, " I'm not ready." Then he left and he never called me again. I guess he got the hint. ( was I wrong for that?)


....Oh, wait! This fool tried to pull out his dick. I was livid. Why do gay dudes think that everybody is going. Hell no! He had to go

(strike 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10)

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  1. seems like his looks wasn't the only reason you weren't your sixth sense next time...he is a total douche