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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Missed Call

It is officially Spring...

As I caress the road in a red 2009 Impala sprinkled with rain and plastered with dogwood leaves, my phone rings. I look to see who is calling and do not recognize the number so I let them leave a message on the voicemail. I was prompted with an alert when the message was sent.

I check my message and it is this man with a serious tone. He expresses how he is saddened by the unfortunate events that had taken place...The message was for the person who occupied the number before myself.

Why am I the recipient of telephone numbers recycled too soon? My last phone obviously belonged to a very prominent person in the music industry. I would receive calls from producer, artist, and just friends...I had messages on my phone from LeAnn Rhimes and texts from someone by the name of Ryan Reynolds. It got to the point where more call were coming for the prior owner than myself.

But I truly do feel for this recent person. I receive about witnessing a murder on the regular. I hope she is ok and she connects with the people who are trying to reach her.

I think I might post some celebrity phone numbers. Maybe....