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Monday, May 25, 2009

This Movie...I Just Can't Wait

Apparently, I am late on books and modern authors but there is one that I am yearning to get my hands on. It is called "Push" by Sapphire. The book is a tale of a young female by the name of Claireece Precious Jones. Now, obviously I can not tell you what the book is about being that I have not read it, or hell heard of it until recently. But "Push" was made into a movie by director Lee Daniels and entered into the Sundance Film Festival 2009. The movie was seen by Tyler Perry, who pitched it to Oprah; and both present the movie "Precious".

"Precious" will be in theaters November 6, 2009.
***Notable celebs included: Mariah Carey, Monique, Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Sheperd, and Paula Patton


{Description from Yahoo Movies}

Clareece "Precious" Jones is an overweight, illiterate African-American teen in Harlem. Just as she's about to give birth to her second child, Jones is accepted into an alternative school where a teacher helps her find a new path in her life.

Here is the audition tape from newcomer Gabourey Sidibe who stars as Precious....

This girl has talent....ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

A Blockbuster...Indeed

The tyrant Tyler Perry is at it again with his newly converted stage play-to-movie entitled, " I Can Do Bad All By Myself". I am enthralled at how progressive he is and am appreciative of his work. " I Can Do Bad All By Myself" hits theaters September 11, 2009. Oh, last but not least, Mary J. Blige is rumored to be a part of the new film.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lala Vasquez Shows She's Still Hood...Girl!!!!!!

The fiancee of Carmelo Anthony gets hood at recent game (May 12). I knew she still had that hood in her.

View more news videos at:


Friday, May 8, 2009

Ne-Yo Exposed and He's Straight...Or at least Bi

Wonder who's pics are going to surface next?

*Click pic to enlarge*

Courtesy of Concrete Loop

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Dude Here...The Business

I'm sure y'all know...

New Dude Pt. 2

Like I said before, M and I go way back and he was the first person that I would consult in this situation. I was attracted to new dude but that was the initial stage...hell, I don't even know if he is gay or not; but the vibe that I was receiving from him were so strong.

"What do you think I should do?" I said.
"What do you mean?" M replied.
"About new dude..."
"I say just go for it...I mean its not like he knows you or anybody that you know, he's from out of town remember."
"Yea, you're right."

By this time new dude was no longer working beside me and had found a new work area. The only chance to see him was on lunch break. Yea, that's perfect...he'd be alone and we could talk in private.

So, I anxiously awaited lunch; which could not get there fast enough, but when it did I know it would soon fly by. I had to move quickly in hopes of connecting. I was stoked, because it had been a minute since me and new dude actually talked.

When lunch came, I rushed to find him. I was out of luck...Damn.

I proceeded to head to the bathroom because all that water I was drinking to stay awake had shown its wrath. Nonetheless, I was mindful not to take too much time knowing that my break was limited and I had a goal to accomplish. When lo and behold, as I went to wash my hands, new dude came to do the same. ( It was kinda like one of those moments in the movies when everything gets quiet and Etta James' "At Last" begins to play...corny, I know. LOL!) "This has to be a sign," I thought. A feeling of sexual desire flushed my body as he walked closer. He noticed me and gave one of those gorgeously magnificent smiles that he had...Homeboy was the business.

I said, "hello" and he reciprocated, then I split. I did not feel comfortable making a connection in the bathroom. When I made my exit I thought, "Hold on, I spent all this time thinking about this dude...Naw, us gon' talk today." ( Had to get ghetto) So, I waited...Hell, I figured he was just washing his hands it should not take that long.

I made a brief conversation with him when he walked out.

"Hey, what's up?" I said.
" Nuthing." He said
"You kick it in blah blah blah, right?"
"What's your number? Me and my crew will be in that area this weekend."

I was pressed for time and on the spot and that was the best I could muster. He gave me his digits and I was on my way to find M. He was chilling in the cafeteria.

"Ask about me" I said to M.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm so.....Over It

You ever get to the point where you are at your wits end? I mean you put in all this work, time , and effort into a certain thing and have nothing to show for it...I am truly over it. I am a strong person but it is gettin to the point where drastic measure need to be made and quite frankly I am all out of ideas...

Ugh!!! Why am I having a pity party? That is so not my steelo...I need to get it together!!!!! I need to blow my nose, run a cold towel over my face, and keep it moving. *sigh*

I'm so done with the bullshit...OVER!

I just got to remember that my life has nothing to do with me but God's fulfillment...I'm just living it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Laugh Out Loud Monday

You Got to Love Jessica Savitch...One Word ---Diva

My New Boo...Da Bizness

Guess who I just got done talking to????

That's my baby right there

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Dude Pt.1

It's ten o'clock and I am just getting into work. Hmm..."How can I make this day go faster?", I thought. I turned to my co-worker to initiate a random conversation. But as I turned my head I see a light-skinned brother who was virile and stunning at the same time. He embodied everything that I wanted in a man.
I watched him from the entrance and was surprised when he was placed to work beside me. "Tongue, bitch, be still" I thought to myself. How was I suppose to work now. He was modest (major turn on) and had the cutest smile with the biggest lips ( in a sexy way).
He delved into the assignment giving me a genuine, kind smile every once in a while but never said a word.
So I asked him, "You're from out of town aren't you?"
He replied, "Yes, how do you know?"
"I can tell" I responded.

Every response was precise and he did not seem to be in a talking mood. " So much for conversational pieces," I wandered. I looked to my co-worker, whose name is M, and proceeded to inform him of the new dude.
"You like him don't you" said M.
" Ooh, I can't stand you...You know too much!" I said.
"Boy, you know I know you!" He said.

M and I go way back and were hired at this job at the same time. He knows that I am "gay" ( I am going to say that, but it is a word that somebody else made up) and I know that he is DL. He knows when I am feeling someone and vice versa. Being around M made the time fly by but gazing into the new dudes eyes stopped time for a split second, which was enough time for me to catch my breath.

Lord, help me make it through the night...

Laugh Out Loud Monday...Err, Uhh Tuesday

I don't know if you have seen this but either way it is a classic and its funny

Monday, April 20, 2009

Laugh Out Loud Monday

I thought this was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ugh...Times Like These

Have you heard of the cliche "The career is on fire but the bed is ice cold"? (sumthing like that)

I always felt like I would have a banging career and my love life would be lackluster as a consequence. I am very rigid in my thinking when it comes to my career.

  • I know what I want
  • I go after what I want
  • I am very determined in achieving my goals
  • I refuse to let anybody stand in my way
  • Put God First (of course) {Total OxyMoron}
Every relationship that I have had in the past year or so has ended in the same manner. I would be so occupied that my mate at the time drifts slowly into the mind frame of rethinking the whole relationship.

I know. I know. I have to do better! But I refuse to sit on my dreams and see them whither away and I also expect my partner to be proactive. I want to find encouragement in my partner. I want to know that we are in this together. Its 2009, the time is now! Also, just because we have a relationship does not mean we are having sex...(Puhlease, a finger and a hand will do just fine...Lol, did I just say that?)

Naw, but real talk...
Do I set my standards to high? Am I looking for a guy that does not exist?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gay Pride...Na, Just Obsession

One thing that I fail to get over is the world's obsession with homosexuality. I mean what is it? If someone does not like something I am pretty sure they would not waste their time talking about it. So...what is it?

People are so enthralled when they see headlines about someone being gay. Case in point, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert is openly gay and that is the way people will perceive him. They forget the person, in a sense, and rely on his sexuality to be a focal point. Lambert is gay but that is not the only thing that he is...I am pretty sure that Simon Cowell have a couple of male companion himself.

South Park's "Gay Fish" which implies rapper Kanye West is a closet homosexual sparked controversy all over the media. Again...Its like a fascination. The Ever Increasing Witch Hunt of Who's Gay and Who's Straight. I am missing the whole point here...Gays are criticized yet marveled after. What does it matter who someone falls in love with?

I guess that is the scheme of things.

This is exactly why gay men are living double lives because they cannot cope with how the world would receive their sexuality. They resort to being a relationship with a woman in public but take a dick in the ass in private. Something has to be done...

I digress.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The One That Got Away...(THANK GOD)

Ok...So, I'm flipping through the channels and TV One's "Black Men Revealed" was on. The topic was unhealthy relationships ( Crazy in Love) , and simultaneously I recalled one of my relationships.

I met this dude...well, actually he pursued me and he was cute, cool, and a singer; and God knows I love a singer. So, we exchanged numbers and he called me that night. It was all good; he told me about his performance career and possible plans that would propel him to stardom on an national level.

First, I noticed that he always talked about how he was blessed financially; and me being the person that I am, it didn't really faze me. I am not wrapped up into what a person has and am in no way trying to take advantage of that. But he was relentless, he would say thing like he lived in a gated community. I'm like, "ok?" Then, it even got to the point where he said, "You should be lucky you got me." What kind of shit is that?

I have never in all my life met a person so arrogant. I mean damn, I'm cocky but he is damn over-the-top. I should have let him go then...

Next, the telephone calls came from right and left. A brother was like "ok, did I not just talk to you?" He would leave crazy messages on my phone and quite frankly I was sick of it. I knew that something was wrong because we argued everyday. Everyday.
I am not even the type just argue. So, I did some research on the signs of abuse in relationships and found this...

bulletIs jealous or possessive toward you.
(Jealousy is the primary symptom of abusive relationships; it is also a core component of Sexual Addictions and Love Addiction.)
bulletTries to control you by being very bossy or demanding.
bulletTries to isolate you by demanding you cut off social contacts and friendships.
bulletIs violent and / or loses his or her temper quickly.
bulletPressures you sexually, demands sexual activities you are not comfortable with.
bulletAbuses drugs or alcohol.
bulletClaims you are responsible for his or her emotional state. (This is a core diagnostic criteria for Codependency.)
bulletBlames you when he or she mistreats you.
bulletHas a history of bad relationships.
bulletYour family and friends have warned you about the person or told you that they are concerned for your safety or emotional well being.
bulletYou frequently worry about how he or she will react to things you say or do.
bulletMakes "jokes" that shame, humiliate, demean or embarrass you, weather privately or around family and friends.
bulletYour partner grew up witnessing an abusive parental relationship, and/or was abused as a child.
bulletYour partner "rages" when they feel hurt, shame, fear or loss of control.
bulletBoth parties in abusive relationships may develop or progress in drug or alcohol dependence in a (dysfunctional) attempt to cope with the pain.
bulletYou leave and then return to your partner repeatedly, against the advice of your friends, family and loved ones.
bulletYou have trouble ending the relationship, even though you know inside it's the right thing to do.

Then I noticed I got to get out of this relationship. No one ever talked about abuse in the gay community before and I wondered why. When I decide to leave him he threw a fit...OMG, it was awful. I woke up one morning to 127 missed calls. I thought, "this dude is crazier than bat shit." I had I don't know how many was crazy. One said, "Baby I love you, I can't believe you are doing this to me." The next one said, " Pick up this G**Damn phone." The next one, " I'm hurt, you hurt me...I'm always the one getting hurt."

Every call was different. There was no stability. Crazy... Right!

If you are in an abusive relationship "GET OUT!!!!!!" Find some people in your corner and get out and don't look back. He is going to try his best to manipulate you and tell you to come back with a sob story, but do not do it... He will only go back to the same habits. It's all he knows!

I had to learn the hard way.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AAAHHH!!!!!!!! I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by
. I love...

. I feel like...

. I hate it when...

. I fear...

. I'm lonely without...

. I need...

. Today I...

. Tomorrow I'm...

. I just... (joke)

. I want to meet...

. I'm hungry for...

. I love it when...

. I'm afraid of...

. I'm listening to...

. I'm wearing...

. I wish I was in...

. I'm craving...

. I want to get...

. I can...

. I can't...

. I have...

. I haven't...

. I think...

. I like eating...

. I hate eating...

. I love watching...

. I love listening to...