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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Ricky Ricardo Illusion

One of my all time favorite shows happens to be I Love Lucy. Aside from the frivolous attempts of the main character, one aspect always caught my attention. No matter what Lucy got into, her man was always close by to offer love, support, and oftentimes knowledge.

That man was of course, Ricky Ricardo; a Cuban nightclub singer with a sunny disposition. He was optimistic and usually wore his feelings right on his suit coat. He showed his love and compassion to Lucy whether she was right or wrong; which she was 9 time out of 10 the latter.

The onscreen romance was blissful and heaven sent. Ricky and Lucy were the ideal couple. They completed each other, and he was her ying and she his yang; a perfect and equal union.

So I sat and wondered..."Damn, does this really happen? Is there someone out there to complete little ole me?" Clearly the drama and theatrics were hyperboles, but the main structure of the show had to have been derived from a real life situation. Evidently hundreds of thousands of us were doing something right.

But let me leave tinseltown for a minute...

Ricky Ricardo was Desi Arnaz and Desi, as we all know, was married to Lucy or, Lucille Ball. Their real life marriage was not all quirky mishaps and make-ups, but had ended in divorce due to Desi's drug and womanizing problems.

The question I want to know is; do we conceptualize what we want love to be based on any form of the media?

Are you in search of a Ricky Ricardo or are you prepared to handle a Desi Arnaz?

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