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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Dude Pt. 2

Like I said before, M and I go way back and he was the first person that I would consult in this situation. I was attracted to new dude but that was the initial stage...hell, I don't even know if he is gay or not; but the vibe that I was receiving from him were so strong.

"What do you think I should do?" I said.
"What do you mean?" M replied.
"About new dude..."
"I say just go for it...I mean its not like he knows you or anybody that you know, he's from out of town remember."
"Yea, you're right."

By this time new dude was no longer working beside me and had found a new work area. The only chance to see him was on lunch break. Yea, that's perfect...he'd be alone and we could talk in private.

So, I anxiously awaited lunch; which could not get there fast enough, but when it did I know it would soon fly by. I had to move quickly in hopes of connecting. I was stoked, because it had been a minute since me and new dude actually talked.

When lunch came, I rushed to find him. I was out of luck...Damn.

I proceeded to head to the bathroom because all that water I was drinking to stay awake had shown its wrath. Nonetheless, I was mindful not to take too much time knowing that my break was limited and I had a goal to accomplish. When lo and behold, as I went to wash my hands, new dude came to do the same. ( It was kinda like one of those moments in the movies when everything gets quiet and Etta James' "At Last" begins to play...corny, I know. LOL!) "This has to be a sign," I thought. A feeling of sexual desire flushed my body as he walked closer. He noticed me and gave one of those gorgeously magnificent smiles that he had...Homeboy was the business.

I said, "hello" and he reciprocated, then I split. I did not feel comfortable making a connection in the bathroom. When I made my exit I thought, "Hold on, I spent all this time thinking about this dude...Naw, us gon' talk today." ( Had to get ghetto) So, I waited...Hell, I figured he was just washing his hands it should not take that long.

I made a brief conversation with him when he walked out.

"Hey, what's up?" I said.
" Nuthing." He said
"You kick it in blah blah blah, right?"
"What's your number? Me and my crew will be in that area this weekend."

I was pressed for time and on the spot and that was the best I could muster. He gave me his digits and I was on my way to find M. He was chilling in the cafeteria.

"Ask about me" I said to M.

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