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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gay Pride...Na, Just Obsession

One thing that I fail to get over is the world's obsession with homosexuality. I mean what is it? If someone does not like something I am pretty sure they would not waste their time talking about it. So...what is it?

People are so enthralled when they see headlines about someone being gay. Case in point, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert is openly gay and that is the way people will perceive him. They forget the person, in a sense, and rely on his sexuality to be a focal point. Lambert is gay but that is not the only thing that he is...I am pretty sure that Simon Cowell have a couple of male companion himself.

South Park's "Gay Fish" which implies rapper Kanye West is a closet homosexual sparked controversy all over the media. Again...Its like a fascination. The Ever Increasing Witch Hunt of Who's Gay and Who's Straight. I am missing the whole point here...Gays are criticized yet marveled after. What does it matter who someone falls in love with?

I guess that is the scheme of things.

This is exactly why gay men are living double lives because they cannot cope with how the world would receive their sexuality. They resort to being a relationship with a woman in public but take a dick in the ass in private. Something has to be done...

I digress.


  1. I think people pay so much attention to it because it's something that "person A" is open and out about, but here "person B" hides and is ashamed.
    They see that the community isn't standing together on the issue, that people will let things get to them and things will blow up about it.
    Not to mention that being gay is something people feel is "different". Even a lot of open minded accepting people still have to go through that transition to get used to seeing two guys openly affectionate in a public setting. It's not widely seen by EVERYONE so of course its going to be the topic of conversation for a lot of people.
    Especially when a "perfect" person (whether it be celeb or american idol contestant) is open about it or is rumoured to be gay.
    In a way I think that its a good thing people are talking about it. It's putting homosexuality out there. Yeah its putting in a negative light, but that's where the gay community needs to step up and use that shine as an opportunity to change peoples minds about the subject. Or even just for those celebrities to step on out of the closet. I KNOW there are probably some WELL KNOWN celebs who are closet cases, and if they came out their careers wouldn't be hurt at all. Do you think if Beyonce came out and told the world that she was a lesbian that her record sales would drop? Do you think if Wayne came out and told everyone that he was gay that he wouldn't sell? DOUBT IT.
    Yeah some people will be ignorant, but at the end of the day if you been rockin with wayne from the start then why stop now?
    Let me cut this comment off before I get carried away (which i probably already did lol)
    I just think that at least people are acknowledging that homosexuality is out there instead of making it the elephant in the room and not talking about it.

  2. you are right, but it is up to us to not allow the ignorance of others to put us in those horrible places...

  3. I agree JCal...More people are acknowledging it more now than before, but it took an AIDS epidemic for them to recognize it rather than ignore.

    It no longer could be the pink elephant...