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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Naw Dude...I'm Straight

You ever been friends with a dude for awhile and then you suddenly have feelings for him?...Well, I kind of have that problem.

I have been knowing this dude for about four years now and have grown quite close to him. I honestly do not know when the attraction started but it most certainly did; and now I can't get him off of my mind. We could be going somewhere together and all of the sudden a thought of us being together may pop into my head. I would have to think about something else or start a random conversation to subdue the thought. Recently, it has gotten worse...way worse. And that sucks because he is straight.

So, that is a major problem...I do not know why I am attracted to straight acting dudes. Well, in this case he actually is...Bummer. I know. What is a dude to do???

I guess I will have to hide my feelings and move it along.

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  1. as the old saying goes birds of a feather flock together so from my own dealings and what i have seen dude may feel the same way about you but too scared to say something for fear of what you may say .. i am sure by now you have passed this point but i am curious for an update.. life is so short and i hate what ifs more then anything .. he may not be interested but what if he is ? at least all the cards will be out on the table and you can move on with or without him or even stay friends ..