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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What the Hell Does it Matters

I came home and caught the ass-end of President Obama's news press conference. Tell me why did I hear the issue of race come up again. I really do not get why race is such an issue in America. I mean you have to put down your race to take a damn test. Now that is insane.
I mean everybody knows he is black...We found that out when his name was on the ballet. Why the hell is everyone talking about, " How has the race issue impacted you?" I'm like , "Well damn bitch, ain't you gon' ask him about the war and the economy?"
I guess they just want to piss him off; and that is why God put him in office because I never seen him lose his temper or anything.
Now his wife on the other hand looks like she would speak your ass out...

I can't deal...Lol!

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  1. well America won't ever let a black forget that he is a black man...