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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Disappearance of Black Love

I could talk about Black Love ad nauseam. Just the thought fills me with a warm feeling. I love to see two consenting adults together and in it to win it; and you bets believe against all odds.

See, I had always heard while growing up that famous Blacks always married outside of the race, being that their mentality becomes different from their peers. Many engagements that they would attend had far too few Blacks and created a void only to be filled by White, Hispanic, Indian or what have you.

Now, by no means am I a racist, but I can identify with Jill Scott when she told Essence magazine in the April 2010 edition, "I felt my spirit...wince", while referring to Black men dating outside of the race. There is a sudden pinch to your soul when you see a good Black man proclaim his love for a person of another race.

Scott goes on to say, "Black women and Black men struggled together". Black people as a race have triumphantly overcome slavery, racism and prejudices. So, when a Black woman, or man, sees a Black man with another race, it equates to a slap in the face; a mighty blow from turning on your own kind when others tried to rape, torture and destroy us.

Nevertheless, if fame was not enough of a reason to date outside of the race, hate is...Black women always have attitudes. Black men don't wanna raise their kids. You're too dark. You're hair is too coarse. These are simple concepts that get leaked down to the next generation by way of the present. We do not understand that we are destroying our race with these derogatory comments. What are the children suppose to think?

They do what we tell them. They have children by Whites just so their child can have more European features. They permanently relax their hair because we have taught them that it is not okay to wear it natural. Pretty soon, they forget who they are. They forget that their ancestors come from Africa. They forget that the skin that they are in is beautiful and bronze and golden just like the gods and kings and queens of Kemet, or Ancient Egypt. They forget that we were taken from our land and brought here as slaves.

It is up to us to rectify our own undoing...

Alas, if love is true and love is sufficient, then it can be found with any race or any gender. But love should never be forced. Love should never be a product of your posh environment because love, true love, is more grandiose than any of us on this planet. God is Love, and if He is love then we simply must wait until He manifests it into our lives.

Peace and Blessings

God is Love

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