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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Church Sissy

The church runs amuck with homosexuality. Its a wonder how many are active partakers in the lifestyle. They are in the pulpit, the choir, usher board and even the general pew population. Homosexuality, the topic, is a strong subject in the church; and whether it is embraced or kept at arms length, it is an obligatory to be dealt with.

On occasion, when folks in the church deal with homosexuality, they tend to hide it from others and sometimes deny it to themselves altogether. This behavior is detrimental to the individual psychologically and physically. It creates an issue with identity, and leaves them susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases.

Moreover, the lifestyle is shunned by the church and rarely talked about; even then all they hear is, "it's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong", which poses the question, if it's so wrong then why won't anyone help make it right? Think about it, people come before the church when they have other necessities, i.e., financial assistance or other interpersonal problems. But when it comes to homosexuality, the church goes all the way back to slavery by keeping a hushed mouth. If you are, then don't let anyone know and you can slide.

When this activity occurs, it creates room for the dreaded "down low" brother to be created. The down low brother is a male that is bisexual, but identifies himself as straight. He has no problem with sleeping with the same sex, because he is not the protocol, or typical, gay dude. He has proved himself to his counterparts that he's a man. Maybe he has a wife, kids and a great paying job, so when he feels he needs an award he resorts to having sex with other men-most of the times unprotected.

The wife might suspects infidelity, but oftentimes does not think that the other person is a male. She is now at risk for HIV, and other std's by simply obeying the Bible and standing by her man. So when she asks her husband if he's having an affair or not, 9 times out of 10 he will deny, deny, deny-and deny some more; which is a man's number one rule no matter what compromising position he's in.

Evidently, if the church (and the world) were more open to the lifestyle and all it entails, then maybe the said husband would not feel the need to lie when the church taught him to lie-which caused him to lie down the aisle and lie to himself, his family and to God. Maybe if the church said that homosexuality is like hell and it does exist and that it is a problem that needed to be addressed, then maybe people would stop being in denial and identify with having homosexual urges.

More important, the sanctity of marriage will be predicated on honesty instead of a lie. But the church nowadays is based on image. They are worried about the outer appearance when its the inner man that God sees. They (the church) feel that they have to be perfect and hold it together and keep a hushed mouth when it comes to topics that suggest otherwise. There is no God in that...Where is the compassion of God? Who would let a part of the family suffer simply because its not a problem that affects you...When one side of the family suffers it impacts the whole clan. You can ignore and renounce but pretty soon, its going to have to be dealt with.

Peace and Blessing

God is Love,


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